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Friday, May 7, 2010

Human do mistake, and I’m human,

Human do mistake, and I’m human,
I am not too smart, to let the others fell what I feel,
Even I also cannot fell what others fell,
For every reasons they use,
I’m start to controlled n avoided to just being me,
I don’t care how much will I suffered as long as they were happy
As long as it will make the thing done perfectly,
As long as my ‘lead’ responsibility can be completed,
As long as people don’t start to talk much until I can’t understand the noisy,
It’s better to me act as their wish,
Even it is a MISTAKE!!
I was taught that,
We learned from our mistake,
So let’s making mistake, n learn from that,
N I’m just don’t care
How much it will cost me
I really hope I can get something
Something that could make me a better me
Something that did not come n just goes away
Something that even unexpected but giving an impact
For me, my heart n my soul
I’m fighting not only for here, but also there,
Haha, pity you,
I’m sure that Allah will never let me alone along this way,
Guide me, teach me, educate me, and instruct me,
Always, always n always
N I’m sorry,
For the mistake I did,
I’ll never repeat it again. *I hope*

1 comment:

Daniel said...

~i read n i thought like this to myself : daniel pun dah sangat penat jadi orang baik, jadi org yang suka concern kat org lain n even when im concern, i ll hurt my self...every time. why didnt i cant learn from my mistake? why do i repeat doing good to people kalu dah tau sakit? tak blaja dari kesilapan ke? dani masih takde jawapan untuk ni e....bole tolong ke?

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